Tantra Hypnosis Orgasm Healing

Question: What is Tantra?

Tantra is a mysticism that has its origins in India. There are other mysticism like Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and Sufism (Islamic mysticism).

Mysticism in big part is about sexuality. About masculine and feminine relationships on a spiritual level.

Tantra these days is becoming more and more popular in helping sexuality.

I use hypnosis to help people to go into a deep trance in order to feel energy with multiple orgasm sensation. It is hard to do it on your own without training. Not too many people can go in trance by themselves. I will help you learn how to keep this energy flow longer with multiple orgasm.

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in our system.

Long time ago prophets and spiritual people transformed sexual energy to connect with higher power.

Men who play sports know that before game sportsmen don't do sex, because they need save sexual energy to win, because sexual energy is power.

Men come to me for help to balance low or high libido. If a man has high libido this can bother him because he can't concentrate on other aspects in his life. If a MEN has low libido it can cause sexual problems and can signify something wrong with health or just emotional issues.

If you have low libido I can help you open up the sexual energy. If you have high libido, I can help you to to balance your sexual energy center.

I do session for Men, Women, Couples.

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