About me

About me I'm Ana. I'm a naturally creative Intimacy Coach, Tantra Healer & Hypnotist.

I do Tantra Hypnosis, Orgasm Hypnosis Healing for Men, Women & Couples

I perform Hypnosis for different purposes not only for sexual healing, but for other issues as well.

I do private sessions: one on one, couples & group.

I do: Orgasm Hypnosis with your Fantasy

(Hypnosis Fantasy Therapy), Trance Tantra massage.

Do you want me to help you get more satisfaction during your intimacy?

I teach you how to be more creative during your lovemaking...

I help you feel more comfortable and imaginative with any of your fantasias...

I also help people feel more pleasurable, if they feel intimacy is becoming routine and boring after many years of marriage.

I enjoy what I do and use my own technique of hypnosis.

I work intuitively + experience .

I work differently with each person because each person is unique.

I had experience with stage hypnosis too.

In my free time, I enjoy writing my own music and songs.

I paint what comes to my mind.

I like to perform on stage: sing & play my songs on guitar or piano,

stand-up comedy, hula hoop

Welcome: New Jersey, North Jersey, Central Jersey, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester NY, Staten Island ..

Text me for information

347 610 8741

for Tantra Orgasm Hypnosis Healing